Book Keeper Sweater

Life got busy. I always have intentions to write, but then things like camping trips push my priorities away. However, my knitting priority remains quite high, especially around a campfire.

This is the Book Keeper sweater, a paid pattern from Ravelry. Worth the 5$ I believe I spent on it.

Portable garter and stockinette stitch projects are the best. While bulky, this was such a mindless pleasure to make. The yarn is from Chile when I went on my W trek hike so it has a lot of sentimental memories for me. I might write more about the yarn and yarn shop later, for now it’s all about the project.

I finally started catching up on all my doctor appointments. At age 30, I’m still nice and healthy. I hope that continues to be the trend.

It grew and grew and grew… after the garter stitch yoke, the instructions basically say “knit in stockinette until you want your ribbing to start.” Since I have a longer torso than normal I made it slightly longer for myself. That’s the joy of knitting – custom sizes for my body.

The beach is not a bad place to knit. Just be careful not to drop it in the sand.

Rubbing finished, time to start on the sleeves.

This was my first time making a top down sweater, and I have to say it was very practical to be able to try it on as I went. Please excuse the messy mirror reflection!

And finished! Better photos to come later. Right now it’s a bit too hot in Southern California for me to be wearing it around.

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