Fabric Cutting + Resuming Atrium Cardigan

Today I went on a fabric cutting spree. It’s not my favorite activity so I like to get it done all at once for multiple projects. I transfer all marks, snip all the notches, then roll them up so whenever the sewing mood strikes I can do exactly that – sew. Sometimes I want to see, but if it means cutting fabric first then there is a good chance I’ll change my mind and do something else.

And it is back to working on the Atrium cardigan! I had to order more yarn as I ran ou for full length sleeves. I had enough for 3/4 sleeves, but I hate having that part of my arm exposed with sweaters. I found 3 stores in the USA which carried my yarn (from New Zealand): one of them was sold out, the other had a different dye lot, and luckily the last shop had my yarn in the correct dyelot. It arrived, and now I’m working on finishing up my sleeves.

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