Beans, Butterick 6295, and an Unblocked Cowl

Everything is a matter of perspective, right? In my quest to avoid added sugar combined with some cupboard spring cleaning of a long forgotten adzuki bean stash, I made these brownies. But when I share them with people i call them bean cakes, because when you say “brownie” they are expecting a much more decadent taste. When I say “bean cake” they have no expectations at all and eat them with an open mind without comparing them to the brownies we are used to. 

I’m working on yet another pair of leggings, this time Butterick 6295. This one calls for a construction method that mimics RTW by asking you to serge an edge, then sew wrong side to right side. This might be worth it if I had contrasting fabric and thread colors, but I don’t. All that work for black thread on black fabric that nobody will ever notice? So I’m doing the usual way of construction of right side to right side. I’ll try the instructions as written another time when my server thread actually contrasts. I’m looking forward to using those pockets though!

And I have finished my Song of the Sea cowl! Minus blocking and weaving in. I’m still not sure how I ended it from a different spot then where I began it… I suppose I inadvertedly moved my stitch markers and moved my beginning of the round to elsewhere? Whatever reason, it doesn’t affect the final look… just puzzling to me. I’m glad to be done with this as it was a side project while I waited for more yarn for my Atrium Cardigan. Also, thr yarn I am using is not plied, which drove me nuts as I had to always make sure I had all 3 strands. When I didn’t, it meant some unknitting – not my most favorite activity.

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