Alabama Hills in the Spring

4AM departure from Orange County on a Saturday Morning for a 4 hour road trip. That’s my type of fun!

Is this really Southern California? All that snow?

It is, it is indeed still California. Drought, what drought?

A bit of climbing.

A bit of dirt.

A bit of posing. (Hey – recognize my shirt!? An official entry dedicated to this top coming soon…ish)

The best part about Alabama Hills is waking up. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss the sunrise, it’s always a spectacular show. First drag yourself out of your warm sleeping bag and outside at 6:35 AM.

At 6:51 AM the sun begins painting the tips.

The glow increases gradually at 6:53 AM.

By 7:07 AM the mountains are at their brightest.

Finally at 7:21 AM the sun has finished it’s painting. And it’s time to finish packing the car and return on a Sunday morning back to the OC. Could you possibly pick your favorite sunrise moment? For me, each 5 minute window is completely different from the next, but I suppose that minute when the sun just begins the tips is my favorite.

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