this week – deep dish pizza, song of the sea cowl, and mesh/solid activewear

Inspired by last week, this week’s meal prep was inspired by Chicago’s deep dish pizza.

A new knitting project was started, a Song of the Sea cowl. No, my cardigan is not yet finished… I ran out of yarn, but got lucky and was able to order more. However, while waiting I had to keep my hands busy with something else, right?

I made another McCall’s 7261. I love this top so much! This time it was made with FIDM fabric. 1$ per yard is perfect for trying out new techniques. This time it was working with mesh.

And finally I started the pair of leggings that go with this pattern. However, there is no gusset piece, so this is why I decided it to muslin it with FIDM fabric first. I am not going to risk using my normal stash in case I get the dreaded desert-mammal-with-humps issue between my legs.

So far, a bit too revealing! I will make a tank top to wear because although I am technically covered, this is more skin than I am normally comfortable with showing.

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