Hello! A new place to write. I’ve missed writing, and while I had a very inactive sewing blog, I realized that I didn’t want to limit myself to writing about only sewing. I wanted to write about… anything on my mind, like my first blog I shut down years ago. It didn’t feel right to reopen that blog and neither did forcing myself to write about only sewing related topics. I knew I wanted a new place online to write but I was missing a name for it. It may sound silly, but the title of a blog is important to me. I couldn’t move forward until I found the phrase or word that captured perfectly the idea of the blog I wanted to start. I started with the words blendmixwoven, overlap – words that had the right idea, the idea of a blog with interests of mine that connect and overlap. But while the idea was right, the words itself didn’t seem right. I jumped to other languages – enterlacer, chevaucher, lié – but none of those felt right either. The meaning of the word and the word itself needed to be perfect. And I couldn’t start writing until I found a name for the place where I wanted my words to go.


Then, on a hike in Chile it came to me. Or rather I walked to it. Multiple times. Mirador. Of course! Lookout points. Scenic viewing areas. Vantage points. Point de vue. These are places along a hike where there is something remarkable for you to pause and let your eyes gaze. Or on a long drive, a spot to pull over and take a look. Here in this photo, can you see the field of glaciers which this mirador sign is hoping you’ll notice?

patagoniaThe miradors in Chile stopped my search for a blog name. It had the meaning I wanted and I liked the way the word look, spelled, and sounded. A blog full of lookout points into the interests of my life. It might be sewing one day. Or food. Lots of hikes. Birding and fishing. Knitting. Travels as usual. I can’t say exactly what will fill this blog, as I can’t predict my writing mood. But I am glad to have created a new place with many miradors for my thoughts to flow into.

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